Winter Operations & More

Living and working around aviation never gets old.  I am always amazed at how quickly you can be desensitized to pushing and pulling airplanes on the ramp and in/out out of hangars.  I always make sure that safety and calculated risk is always my primary concern.  The wonderful autumn season that Minnesota provided has departed and we are stuck with the cold, snowy months to come.  Winter operations at work are very different from summer as the hangars are heated to a brisk 60 degrees. Cold temps force us to shut the hangar doors immediately to keep the aircraft that are in storage nice and toasty to prevent having to de-ice if at all possible. 
Work isnt the only thing impacted by the cold temperatures, my instrument training is strictly limited to flying in VFR conditions under the hood since visible moisture in the clouds forms ice.  I am working hard on the FAA Instrument Written and plan to take it in the near future.  I have embarked on a quite a few fun flights including a cross-country up to Duluth International with my dad. 
I will blog on my flight up to KDLH very soon and I have lots of great pictures that will be included in the blog.  I hope everybody is doing well and can’t wait to get back in the airplane tomorrow for a long instrument flight to Sioux Falls, SD or Des Moines, IA with Joe depending on the weather. 

As always, safe and greasy landings to all, and look fowards to some daily posts this week!