Updates and Good Weather!

What’s up aviation enthusiasts!  Well… maybe not everybody is as into aviation as myself and reading this Blog, but nonetheless I figured I would at least update everybody on my current flight training status and how things are going.  As many know, I have been attending Utah Valley University for Aviation and doing my flight training Part 61 paying out-of-pocket.  As many, many student pilots and pilots alike have experienced, money, or lack of money becomes an issue at some point if you are a full-time college student and work full-time.

Money is good and all for flight training, but flying itself is priceless.

Yep, I came to the point in my flight training, unfortunately the end of my instrument training where I had to think long and hard about what I really want to do to continue my education in aviation as a professional pilot and what would be in my best interest towards doing such.  I decided to switch to a Part 141 flight school where I got a private loan that is primarily for educational expenses like flight training.  I switched to Academy College located in Bloomington, MN where I continue to take classes both in attendance and online.  I still rent and fly through Inflight Pilot Training located at KFCM (Eden Prairie, MN), but all of my flight training is now done over at KMIC (Crystal, MN) in a couple Cessna 172N’s.

Check out http://www.inflightpilottraining.com for affordable training and rentals!

Having the capability of being able to fly and not worry about how I am going to pay for the weeks groceries expense just gives me more stability in making sure I get the proper education and allocated time for homework.  I made the transition from flying Cessna 172’s equipped with Garmin 430’s and 650’s to a prehistoric Bendix King GPS unit.  Believe it or not, the integration of the menu’s is very similar on the Bendix King when comparing it to a 430, but good LORD is it a pain not having the moving map display and other procedural things that the 430 is good for.

Bendix King GPS   One of the few GPS’s designed without implementing a single user-friendly feature!  Nice!


(Garmin 430)   With its convenience and sleek integration of features.

Something else that I am transitioning into is learning NDB’s and ADF procedures for holding and such as the aircraft at Inflight are not equipped with such outdated technology and aren’t required when taking an instrument checkride without them.  Flying a fuel injected aircraft is very similar to a carbureted airplane, but there are subtle differences making it out of the ordinary, such as starting with the fuel mixture at idle/cutoff and pushing the mixture to full rich once it breathes some life.  Joe Harbison, my prior flight instructor has moved onto bigger and badder airplanes at his new job with Endeavor Airlines.  Joe and I have made remarkable flights together and there wasn’t a single flight where I didn’t enjoy his presence as a CFII.  In the aviation world, many people move on when they qualify for upgrades or more complex job positions.  I wish him the best of luck and hope he continues to succeed in everything that comes his way.  Finally, weather has prevailed and given us a tease of what summer will bring with about a week of beautiful sunshine and 80 degree temps.  Now that the icing levels in the clouds has moved away, we still have the issues involving bad visibility and low-level IFR cloud clearance, but I am definitely looking forwards to completing some flights and approaches with my new CFII Matt through Thunderbird Aviation.  Anyways guys, I apologize for the lack of posting and will strive to post more Blogs and lead up to at least two to three posts per week!  I hope everybody is doing well and please share any fun experiences involving aviation or related subject matter in the comments!

Until next time, V1, V2, Rotate, Positive Rate, Gear Up!

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