So you want to fly Airplanes?

Getting an education in aviation as a professional pilot is no easy task.  You must ask yourself some key questions and seriously consider the financial burden that you are taking on over the course of your training.  Understanding what is involved in an aviation degree is the first step towards creating a plan and then executing that plan step by step.  Picking an institution to do your training was a difficult task for myself as I chose to do my training Part 61, instead of the accelerated method of doing it Part 141 at an accredited University such as U of M Mankato.  Paying out of pocket or Part 61 for flight training is a timely method as you need to plan ahead well in advance and get the funds prearranged before you drain the bank.  Part 141 training on the other hand allows you to recieve financial aid that pays for nearly all of the ratings and is allocated based on the FAFSA.  I have found that by cutting corners and not making impulse purchases or buying things you can live without adds up over time allowing some wiggle room.  Another thing that should always be considered is scholarships.  Grants and aviation scholarships are awarded by thousands of corporations to whom understand the financial integrity of paying for your degree along with acquiring certificates and ratings.  I found that most scholarships are easy to apply for and definitely don’t take that much time to write an essay as you need to remember, you could potentially get paid for the efforts!  Aviation is a difficult career that sometimes seems as though it will be nothing more than a dream, but every professional pilot will say, if you have passion and want it more than anything else in life, dreams can become reality.

I want to personally thank Global Air for the scholarship opportunities they provide to aviation students and how they will benefit me personally providing remarkable support for endless opportunity.

As always, safe landings to all and let me know what you think of the blogging so far!

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