Have you ever gone to work and just been miserable the entire day because you’re just get fed up with waking up early or getting your hands dirty?  Well, I am happy to say that I have never had a single day at work where I didn’t get excitement and joy out of my job working around airplanes.  Today was a remarkable day due to a large variety of things motivating me to a whole new level!  I barely get out of bed in the morning at 0400 listening to multiple alarms blaring at me to get going.  My job and education is what motivates me to wake up and smell the coffee.

Beautiful Morning at Elliott in the MX Hangar.
Beautiful Morning at Elliott Aviation in the MX Hangar.

I live about an hour away from Elliott Aviation in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and make a long commute five to six days a week at 0500 so I can punch in ten minutes before every shift.  After arriving at work I get the privilege of unlocking all the hangar doors and flicking on the lights exposing beautiful jets.  These simple morning tasks are what motivate and inspire me to make my dreams a reality.  One of the greatest things about my place of employment is that also located inside of the Elliott FBO is Inflight Pilot Training where I have been doing all of my training so far towards a career as a professional pilot.  Several times I have embarked on morning flights experiencing gorgeous sunrises and the remarkably smooth air before I clock in for work.

Today, I was allowed to take an extended lunch break and go fly an actual IFR flight with Joe Harbison to Crystal (KMIC) and back shooting a couple approaches and even getting some surprising actual instrument time in the clouds!  After towing some big jets around and fueling on the ramp I met up with Joe and preflighted the C172N, (N739BN) before getting my first IFR clearance up to Crystal.

Inflight Aircraft in the Morning.
Inflights Aircraft parked on the ramp after being pulled out of the Hangar this morning.

The winds were rather gusty making the air a bit turbulent, but also provided the best flight I have ever taken since I started my training.  Joe and I picked up our clearance (KMIC via Radar Vectors, RWY HDG up to 2,500′ Expecting 3,000′ – 10 Minutes after departure and a squawk), then proceeded to fly direct to the Gopher (GEP) VOR.  We flew a reverse course and were told to climb up to 4,000′ where I experience my first 0.2 hours of actual instrument time.  Flying in the clouds was something that I had never experienced up to this point and burned this epic drive to repeat it during a future IFR flight with Joe.  Anyways, we flew the VOR-A approach into KMIC and circled to land with a difficult crosswind as icing on the cake.

Crystal, KMIC, GPS - A Approach.
KMIC, GPS – A, Approach Plate

It was just a short stop on Wentworths FBO before picking up another clearance back to KFCM.  I experienced difficult taxi instructions at an unfamiliar airport and impressed myself with my read-backs and instructions prior to departure on runway 24R.  We took off and got set up the RNAV 10L approach into Flying Cloud which turned out to be the best approach I’ve flown yet.

IMG_0162It’s days like this that give me perspective on a bright future involving aviation and allow me to strive for more!  I hope everybody is enjoying life just as much as I am and can look forwards to upcoming blogs!

As Always, Calm Winds and Blue Skies for All.

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