Holding Procedures

How Holding is done when weather is below minimums.
How Holding is done when weather is below minimums.

Well, after receiving a day full of 30 Knot winds gusting up to 50, we finally got our beautiful VFR weather back and I just had to take advantage of it.  Earlier this morning, I drove up to Eden Prairie and did a bit of ground training with Joe.  We worked on holding the entire lesson and everything that is involved in performing them.  Learning the different entries for the holds can be tricky depending on the approach you are doing, but for the most part I figured out that a Direct entry or Parallel entry is going to be the majority of holding pattern entries.  After briefing everything and firing questions left and right we hopped into the simulator and planned on shooting a few approaches into Anoka County/Blaine and Flying Cloud.  Joe set the simulator so that we wouldn’t be breaking out of the clouds at minimums forcing me to go missed and follow the instructions listed on the specified approach plate.  Most of the missed approaches have a climb and turn instruction on them before telling you to tune the VOR and backtrack so that you can shoot the approach or hold depending on the circumstances.  Holding isn’t extremely difficult, you simply enter based on the direction you are traveling and do timed turns and timed legs to fly a simple oval pattern.  One thing that I was told is that when you learn the holds, wind isn’t a factor, but in the real world conditions the wind may make everything much more difficult.  The wind might make you fly a one minute thirty-second leg instead of just one minute, and I suppose you can understand why that would be difficult.  Anyways, I am getting a big head start on the written work by studying using Prepware’s Instrument tests so that I can hopefully pass on the first time.  I will post more later this week!

As always, fair winds and blue skies.

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