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Finally, after getting my mind wrapped around the VOR/DME approaches, we went and threw the ILS/Localizer Approaches into the ring creating this concoction of “Grey Matter” that must be performed simultaneously and with great precision all the while.  There is something special about the ILS approach that makes it daunting and troublesome. The second you start losing the Localizer… and then the glide slope slowly disappears… proceeding with Joe slapping the “freeze” button and reversing the airplane with a simple click of the mouse so all the errors of over-correcting begin to work themselves out gives me this dirty feeling deep down.  However, the reason I was punching in and out of the Localizer like Swiss cheese wasn’t because of the the horrible trim tabbing on the simulator yoke, or the horrible screeching made by the metal yoke assembly making our ears bleed, but indeed it was pilot error.  Making these mistakes in the simulator only prepares us for real world endeavors where mistakes might not be so easily corrected thus wasting valuable educational time.  A few things I learned to better setup my approaches involved using mnemonic checklists, each verifying that tasks were performed in order and when required.  Reducing the overall workload management involved in actually sending the plane down to the numbers helps immensely. The learning venture never seems to slow, and my curiosity to take on newer more challenging tasks seems to grow on an exponential level of progression.  I am looking forwards to hopping in the actual airplane and seeing what I can learn one step at a time.  I find that aviation is kind of like the sport of golf, the more you do it and practice your skills, the straighter the ball flies.

FCM VOR out of Flying Cloud Airport, MN.

I hope everybody is enjoying Blue Skies and everything else life has to offer.

As always, Safe and Greasy landings to all.

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