As my title may infer, tomorrow is the first day of October which means fall weather has arrived and brings the season of better performance.  However, that better performance comes with a catch, you are bundled up in a four jackets, gloves and a scarf and blasting the floor heat in the plane.  My opinion is that it is most definitely worth it!  Anyways, I got checked out in the Cessna 172 and absolutely love it, probably staying away from the Cessna 152 for a while and adjust to the much needed leg room.  It sure is nice not to have to grope my passengers leg just to add 10 degrees of flaps when coming in to land, but nonetheless, I saved a lot of money on my Private Certification using those airplanes.  I have noticed that when flying the Cessna 172 that you need to use trim to your advantage, but I have it all figured out to a science and am getting more comfortable with it all as I go.  The past few days I flew around doing some basic VOR instrument approaches into places like KLVN (Air Lake, MN) and KFCM (Flying Cloud, MN).  I am understanding the basics of briefing my approach plates and getting setup well in advance for each procedure as required to reduce the workload during critical phases of flight.   Some of the challenges that I am faced with right now are making very minor corrections when intercepting my approach course as the wind is always blowing me away from the needle and I find myself over-correcting and screwing up my final approach fix, but I am sure as time goes on that this habit will correct itself.  Overall, my progress towards flying the airplane on some basic instrument procedures is going beyond what I expected.  Tomorrow, my CFII Joe and I will be working on some ILS and Localizer approaches in the Simulator and I will try to get some pictures and walk you guys through my learning process.  As always, enjoy the luxuries life has given us, and never take them for granted, not even for a minute.

Blue Skies, and Safe Landings for All!

My favorite part of the preflight is pulling the fuel strainer…  The satisfaction of pulling it out and saying to myself…   “Make it pee.”

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